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1st Annual Grand O Trucking Show

It's The Ride  Compilation CD Now Available!

nastc grand o trucking show montage

Featuring the extraordinary talents of:



bill turner                                                  dan baker


Song List:

1. Trucker Man - Poem by Dan Baker
2. Be Your Man - Aaron Bozwell
3. World’s Delivery Man - Aaron Bozwell
4. I’m Rolling - Aaron Bozwell
5. Boy What A Girl, Man What A Woman - Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jr.
6. Texas via Nashville - Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jr.
7. That’s All It Takes - Lee Wiley
8. We Ride - Lee Wiley
9. He Loves The Road - Lindsay Lawler
10. I Drive - Lindsay Lawler
11. Honk - Troy Martin
12. Baby’s Gotten Good At Goodbye - Troy Martin
13. Interstate - Craig J. Martin
14. White Collar Blues - Craig J. Martin
15. Truck Driver Angels - Aaron Bozwell
16. Daddy’s Just A Truck Driver - Poem by Dan Baker
17. Another Trucker Makes It Home - Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jr.


Benefiting:  st christopher fundRecorded Live in Nashville, Tennessee
With Special Guests, Dan Baker and Bill Turner

Sponsored By:    ta petroPick up a copy at your nearest
Travel Centers of America
or Petro Stopping Centers

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