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3rd Annual Grand O Trucking Show

Thank The Truckers  Compilation CD Now Available!

nastc grand o trucking show photo vol2


Song List:

Intro (David Owen)
1. National Anthem (Wa’Lisa Smith)
2. 18 Wheels (Brad Morgan)
3. I Drive (Lindsay Lawler)
4. Addicted To The Diesel (Jayne Denham)
5. My Way Is The Highway (Lindsay Lawler & Aaron Bozwell)
6. Another Trucker Makes It Home (Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jr.)
7. One Mile At A Time (Lindsay Lawler)
8. We Ride (Lee Wiley)
9. Truck Driver Angels (Aaron Bozwell)
10. For The Longhaul (Lindsay Lawler)
11. Black Coffee and White Lines (Jayne Denham)
12. Thank The Truckers (Brad Morgan)
13. Christmas Comes on 18 Wheels (Shayna McLean)
14. Daddy's Just A Truck Driver (Poem - Dan Baker)


Benefiting:  st christopher fundRecorded Live in Nashville, Tennessee
With Special Guests, David Owen, Wa'Lisa Smith and Dan Baker

Sponsored By:    ta petroPick up a copy at your nearest
Travel Centers of America
or Petro Stopping Centers

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